SKODA DIGITAL s.r.o. offers the development of control, communication, visualisation, and diagnostic software for railway vehicles according to clients’ specific requirements. It deals with the development of individual SW components for train control and management systems, as well as the development of comprehensive control systems for railway vehicles. The software development may also include specific controllers for individual subsystems of railway vehicles.

1. Control software

All products are equipped with their own software developed exclusively by our company. Analysis of the optimal software solution is suitable for modernisation projects or for new railway vehicles. Analysis performed by an experienced design team naturally results in removing any unwanted software errors, leads to significant savings in time otherwise needed for debugging, a reduction in the number of warranty repairs and therefore also the final cost.

2. Visualisation software

We offer development of visualisation software for railway vehicles. This area particularly includes the following activities:Analysis of rail vehicle technology for a well-balanced visualisation solution

  • Selecting the right type of visualisation panel and software 
  • Design of data communication protocols
  • Design of operating and technological screens
  • Solutions for the visualisation of diagnostic and service information
  • Commissioning plan and test procedures necessary for the validation of the required functionality

3. Communication software

 SKODA DIGITAL s.r.o. offers the design of communication network topologies and protocols for railway vehicles. The basic topology of communication networks is divided into train and vehicle networks. The train communication network ensures data transfer between individual vehicles in the train. The technical solution of the train communication network is based on international standards IEC 61375 and UIC 556. The motivation for using this standard is the option to couple different vehicle units and high operational reliability. As part of train network technology, we offer the UIC-GATEWAY product – communication node of the WTB. As for the vehicle communication network, we support RS232, RS485, RS422, CAN, GSM, WTB, MVB, USB, ETHERNET, FIBER interfaces and the communication protocols CAN/CANopen, TCN/WTB, TCN/MVB, TCP/IP, MODBUS, J1939.