Product development

SKODA DIGITAL s.r.o. is also a research and development office with a highly qualified team. The result of our team work is a great number of innovative products and services. Innovation philosophy is closely integrated into our policies. Two thirds of our employees are involved in our own development and research programme, which enables us to maintain our status as a leader in the railway industry. The simple fact that SKODA DIGITAL s.r.o. develops and manufactures all the solutions by itself gives our clients an assurance that the solutions purchased by them are independent of other suppliers. Not only the development but also the operation of our control systems and services conform to today’s most demanding requirements. This is further supported by a certificate of ISO international standards and type examination certificates confirming that all our products are manufactured in accordance with the standards applicable to the operation of railway vehicles. We also offer our clients the customised development of new products that can be used as electrical equipment in railway vehicles.