Design activities

Services are an integral part of our product portfolio. This is where we fundamentally differ from our competitors. We provide our clients with comprehensive projects and consulting services focusing on the electrical equipment used in railway vehicles. During the project implementation process, we design a suitable structure for the superordinate control (TCMS) and design the topology of communication networks and protocols used in railway vehicles. Upon completion, we provide our products with control software, which ensures the required functionality of all implemented subsystems. We offer designing and comprehensive project management focusing on the implementation of electrical devices in railway vehicles. This area particularly includes the following activities:

  • Project management, design, and consultancy in the field of electrical equipment for railway vehicles
  • Analysis of railway vehicle technology for a well-balanced technical solution
  • Design of the control system structure and the topology of communication networks
  • Design of circuit and technological diagrams
  • Modelling of logic diagrams and the architecture of control procedures
  • Design of the visualisation of operational, diagnostics and service information
  • Commissioning plan and test procedures necessary for the validation of the required functionality
  • Assistance during the approval and certification of the given railway vehicl