Our mission, vision and values

SKODA DIGITAL’s mission is to remain a long-term partner of our customers, suppliers and partners involved in the field of development and implementation of rail vehicle control, diagnostic and multimedia technologies and services related to the implementation of these systems.

We have a desire and strength to be a prosperous company that is able to solve the key problems and requirements of our customers and stand by our customers even during hard times. 

Innovation, stability, values

Innovation is the foundation stone of our competitive advantage. We have been investing our own resources into development and innovations for a long time. The research and development department employ highly experienced experts and professionals. Their work is constantly pushing forward our products and solutions, which is a prerequisite for the emergence of new modern technologies and solutions.

SKODA DIGITAL has chosen the following basic pillars of its own development:

  • Development of our own expertise
  • Employee care
  • Support for science and innovations
  • Business ethics
  • Long-term strategies
What is important to us and what we consider our most valuable assets:

  • Satisfied customer
  • Employees
  • Knowledge
  • Products
  • Our brand


Social responsibility is one of the top priorities for SKODA DIGITAL. The aim of our Company is to provide technologically advanced solutions for the management of railway vehicles, which have a major impact on the quality of transportation and which promote sustainable development. Accurate, professional and efficient control systems are essential for prosperity and significantly boost economic growth and development of society and the environment.

Our solutions are primarily designed for manufacturers, modernisers, repairer shops and operators of railway vehicles as well as for manufacturers of subsystems used in railway vehicles.

We are aware of the fact that life does not always treat everybody fairly and that certain people have to deal with different life conditions. For this reason, we have decided to make annual financial contributions to the non-profit Mobilní Hospice Ondrášek organisation.